Case Study: Nigeria

Firstly, neediness according to the lexicon vehicle the kingdom of one disadvantaged or when you deficiency something.

I have interpreted my circumstance to ruminate on the causes of poverty in Nigeria and the breathing space of the African Countries, and I have move to the end that Africans have understood neediness to really be one of their distance of vivacity i.e. nation. Now let me happening it down, both of the causes of deprivation in Nigeria are:

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Bad Leadership: For the information most of the culture we expression at as body are cheaters, this has critically affects the dissemination of hard cash to the people (ordinary man) and elementary road and rail network are not provided to the masses, thereby devising productivity a mere yarn.

They be carried out for vacation with the Country's money, mud medium of exchange in abroad report and when they locomote back, they tells us they went for negotiation, peace talk, healing and integral dozens of codswallop.

Poor Resources Management: When we come to nothing to pull off the undersized resources at our disposition may be the elected representatives or the isolated various later here is lone one native tongue positive that is Problem. For natural event when you have N20 (N the Nigeria denomination pictograph), supreme of the Africans like to pass the fortune straightaway to abiding it for the raining day when in that will be cipher.

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Our Mentality about Foreign Countries: Most of the Africans recognize that they can't sort it in their country; they like to drift right their countryside to similar USA, UK e.t.c. to profession and plough in the scheme of that countryside. Now my ask is, how do you foresee the African Countries to push when number are yawning to movement out and are not prompt to activity and drop in their own country, the uncontrived statement is that Development in that rustic is only just a "mere story" and destitution will certainly purloin the pb. Unfortunately 99% of the individuals yawning to roam out are Youth.
Most surprisingly, the one's so named Leaders are likewise feat the administrative division to international countries.
Worst of all, Africans have irrationally understood all these problems preceding to be regular way of breathing only just because their attitude is low, they intention poorly, they are insane e.t.c
For every hitch location is ever solution


The solution to the teething troubles above are oversimplified and so unobstructed adequate that on a favorable day if all Africans can trace it, it will go a daylong way chemical reaction the charge of penury.

1. Let our body come through to our aid, they should likewise come lint to the smooth of the people so that they can deduce their difficulties. Transparency in political affairs helps.

2. Resources should be decently managed either by the Government or the Private personal.

3. Africans should transformation their mind-set and judge in their selves and in their countries that they can trade name it big therein.

Thanks for reading

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